{REConstruction Chaos}

I have waited for this for weeks. 

Since Monday, workers have been in and out and fire repairs have begun. 

Monday and Tuesday the construction guy replaced all burned drywall, trims and moldings in the house and the paint crew has been working in our home since Tuesday morning. 

(There’s new drywall under the planks – I got plank happy and forgot to take a photo before I covered it up.)

Electrical in this room is going to be done on Monday.

Painting our entire home is going to be a 2.5 week (exciting) process. All ceilings, trims and walls will be repainted like a brand new home to rid the place of smoke damage. Better yet, I don’t have to do it. All I have to do is pick the colors. Although, that hasn’t really been easy…

Yes, there are paint samples EVERYWHERE.



Yesterday, I finalized my picks; making the hours spent painting all of those little patches in multiple areas of the house worth it. (I only bought 17 sample colors to pick from. Only half of the sample saturated areas are pictured. I had them in most every room.) 
My husband said that by the time I get done painting samples everywhere, all the painting would be done. Almost true. I tell ya what though, Sea Salt on the living room walls sure looked a lot different when applied in my bedroom. $4 samples are much cheaper than a whole room repaint. Buy the samples. Put them on multiple walls. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it.

On the side, I have been busy hanging shiplap and building beams for our dining room. 

Wall painting should begin Tuesday; the crew plans to work on 4th of July to get us finished faster, so that’s happy news to my ears. 

I’m excited this is all in full swing, but I’ll sure be glad when it’s over.


From Candles to Cacti…

I have a tealight holder that I got years ago that looks similar to this…

I hate it. Can’t even give the thing away, no one wants it. They aren’t really in style anymore. What was I going to do with this thing? I hate it…

Until now.

It hit me!

Succulent tree! 

And voila!

I found the mini terra-cotta planters at Dollar Tree – 3/$1 and the succulents are from Home Depot.

Looks great! Now I just need to find a place for it.

/Oh Deer…/

My father in law gave us a bunch of antler mounts a few years ago. My husband didn’t really want as many as we took but I told him I wanted them for something crafty but I wasn’t quite sure what. Yet.

Today, I decided to give a set a facelift because I was eager to finally get one on the wall, but as it was, it wouldn’t do. They have a very “80’s” look to the way they were mounted. The base mount boards are various weird shapes; one is an acorn, another is a heart, and so on. Not very masculine nor rustic in my book. I’ll have to figure out a way to revamp those, but that’s another post. The mount base for the rack I am redoing for this post, is tolerable in shape.

Materials I used:

Burlap roll – upholstery tacks – fabric flowers – rhinestone embellishment buttons – berry sprays – One coat lacquer spray – 2 plastic bags – tape

(All decor materials are from Hobby Lobby, except the upholstery tacks; they are from Home Depot.)

Tools I used:

Hot glue gun – Tack hammer – Wire snips – Staple Gun – Scissors

Total Cost: About $20

Total project time: 25 minutes 

First I gave the guy a good wipe down to remove dust.

Next, I cut a piece of burlap about 2 inches longer than the mount felt, and cut slits in the burlap to accommodate each of the antlers.

I started at the bottom, folding the raw burlap edge under and securing it by hammering in an upholstery tack (I put a magazine under the rack to protect my dining table and to absorb some of the hammering noise). After tapping in a few tacks across the bottom, I moved to the top and secured a few there to pull the material taunt.

 I then moved on to the sides to get the antlers wrapped neatly and securely, also turning the raw edge under around each antler then pulled taunt to secure. 

NOTE: I had to turn the hammer sideways to tap in a few of the tacks in tight spaces.

After completing both sides I returned to finish the top and bottom.

Now, the easy part! Making it pretty.

I stapled the berry sprays onto the bottom to hold them in place (staples are easy to remove if I didn’t like them). I tapped the staples in the rest of the way with a hammer to keep the sprays from wiggling. Then I used wire cutters to clip off the excess stems.

Next, I layed out a flower design and when I was happy with placement, I hot glued them into place (again, very easy to remove if I ever need/want to). I glued a rhinestone button to the center of the large flower and called it good!

I covered the entire base and decor with a couple plastic shopping bags and used some tape to keep them securely in place so I could spray lacquer the antlers.

I took the antlers to the front yard and gave them a good spray. Just one coat was sufficient. 

After lacquer dried, the project is complete!

Time to hang!

Done. What do you think? 

|House Colors|

I have had a few questions regarding the paint colors that I currently have in my home. 

Believe it or not, we have lived in this house for almost three years, and I have repainted the entire pallet three times. Yes, that is more times than most people paint their homes interior in a lifetime. I was never quite satisfied with the outcome. I really love the current colors and am finally more than satisfied with the new palette. 

Main color: Arid Plains (Valspar)

Accent color: New Avocado (Valspar)

Green and gray are my favorite colors, especially the chartreuse (green) and charcoal or silver (gray) shades. 

The Arid Plains color is classified as a greige (gray+beige) that works well with my love of chartreuse. My furniture is charcoal in color and my accents are gray shades, both light and dark, cream and of course, chartreuse.  These colors look fantastic together. I will definitely be using the same combination in our next home.

(P.S. A little trick of the trade: I buy contractor paint. It’s less than $20 a gallon and works just as good as all that fancy $40+ a gallon paint – a waste of money.) 

Here’s what I use, specifically:

I always use Eggshell finish. This paint is nice and thick so the coverage is great. I use two coats. In very high traffic areas, I roll three coats for durability. At such a cheap price per gallon, it’s more coverage for the money.

And, don’t forget to use the best brush on the market for those cut in jobs; Wooster shortcut (my opinion, no compensation):

I get mine at Home Depot. 

My paint comes from Lowes, where they have a similar brush by Blue Hawk, but I won’t buy them anymore as they lose bristles constantly during paint jobs. I’d rather make an extra stop and have the job done right.

What colors did you fall in love with for your home?

Can I “Cut In”?

Why, yes. Yes I can.

I have never met a single person that actually “likes” to paint. Just because I do it, does not mean that I enjoy it. I don’t. I hate painting. Not really the painting itself, but all the work that revolves around all the painting. First you have to tear apart the entire room and move stuff all over the house – besides children, it is the fastest way to mess up the entire house to improve one room.

Then, you have the mess of the painting process and the clean up and redecorating, etc. I’m tired/stressed just thinking about it. But, the hard work of a couple days of work and chaos, really does make it all worth it to enjoy the beauty for months afterward.

I have been painting interiors of homes for over 10 years. I didn’t start off doing a professional job, obviously, my technique has improved over the years just by practice. However, I remember the day when my technique improved DRASTICALLY because of one element; the MOST important detail that turns a paint job into a GREAT paint job…


Yes, the brush you use makes all the difference!

I use to buy the cheapest brushes possible so I could just throw them away and not have to bother cleaning them…


…I do not know what provoked me to buy the $5 brush rather than the $.99 brush but I am guessing it was because I was brush shopping at Home Depot and not Walmart. And, because I had never seen a brush with a rubber nub handle, so I had to try it out! Well worth the $5 price tag – this thrifter says so.

(insert GREAT brush reveal)!!

**NOTE** I receive no compensation from any companies or retailers mentioned. I am just passing along my opinions/findings/research to save you time and money.


Now, I used to laugh at other bloggers who said the brush really matters, but like the other million, I agree. THE BRUSH MATTERS. I will never paint with any other brush and the cut in is AMAZING! (What is a “cut in”? To cut in is to paint in the edges where a roller will not fit, i.e, by the ceiling, two adjoining walls, along trim and baseboards, etc.) In fact, I have gotten such great results with this brush, I do not tape. Anything. At all. All of my painting is done by hand, tape free. Why? Because the BRUSH made all the difference. The short handle makes the brush easy to maneuver without a large handle sticking up in the way. I often times find that my hand is cupped over the nub when painting as that is a more comfortable hold for me. The rubber makes the brush easy to grip and allows the handle to flex with the movement of your hand while painting strokes. The bristles are high quality and tightly bound. The entire brush and design, is very well made.

NOTE: Lowe’s sells a similar brush made by Blue Hawk (shown below) that I buy if I am not near Home Depot, but the quality is not as good as the Wooster brand brush. The brush strands are not as tight and they come out with the paint while cutting in so I have to keep picking brush strands out of my paint. It is a pain in the a$$, but it is still better than using the cheapy brushes that lose their strands and still provide a cheap looking paint job.


So yes, yes I can “cut in.” Almost perfectly (since January 19, 2012 – the first job I used the Wooster brush on – see pic below). Thanks to a little help from my friends, Wooster and Blue Hawk.


What painting tips have you found helpful? Or, any painting issues you need help with?

(TIP: Put a rubber band across the top of your paint can to wipe excess paint off of your brush before application. On small cans, the band wraps all the way around. On gallons, I wrap my band over the top and around the side to be held in place by the handle rivets.)