/The TURQUOISE continues…/

I’m addicted to the turquoise; good thing I have plenty of paint left…

Remember the sofa table I said to stay tuned for? Well, here it is, in all it’s ugly glory:

I bought this beast about 15 years ago from a second hand furniture store. She’s nothing short of hideous. Glass shelving inserts and all. It’s screaming for a makeover. I didn’t presand, just painted. There was zero finish left on this thing.


Paint applied and sanded for distressed look.

Now, to add a more rustic touch…

I built a top from 1×6 lumber. The top is 20 inches wide so I cut the pieces 21 inches to allow overhang. 

I spaced the boards with small gaps in between so they’d cover the entire top with a small overhang at each end also.

I attached the boards together with wooden slats, glued then stapled. I stacked magazines on the slats to apply pressure as the wood glue dried. (This top just sits on the top of the table. The integrity of the table is not comprised.)

I distressed the boards with a hammer and screw, scraped off chunks with a chisel and beat dents in it with a hammer before applying stain (Honey 272 by Minwax).

Once the stain dried, I just set the finished piece on top of the table and added decor! (The original glass top is intact and hidden underneath.)

An added bonus is that the slats allow me to tuck my Scentsy cord in between so it quits falling behind the sofa!

Finished product:

*** enter nosey puppy photobomb***

Before and After:

What can I paint next…


Storage Wars!

Our 4 bedroom home offered this coat closet:  

Now, to me, a 4 bedroom home means that at LEAST 4 people are going to live in the home, so we will need to fit an average of 15 pairs of shoes and 12 jackets/coats (not counting the room needed to stash the belongings of visiting guests). In other words, this builder failed. This size coat closet belongs in an efficiency apartment. Obviously, we need more storage. So, though I was not thrilled, using the space on the adjoining exterior wall was my only option.

The idea was to build something to hold coats, shoes and other necessary accessories; scarves, hat, gloves.

I decided on a simple design with minimal materials.

1×6 board

1×4 board

Precut wood slats from Home Depot

Wood filler


Brad nailer 

1.5 inch screws

Coat hooks

Wire baskets

I cut a 1×6 board according to my wall measurement and attached the board to the wall studs. This board will hold my coat hooks. There was no rhyme nor reason at what height I placed this, it was more of a “what height would work best for the kids” and up it went. 52″ from the floor to the bottom of the 1×6 is what the measurement ended up being. 
My wire baskets measure 14″ high so I left a 16″ gap between the 1×6 and top 1×4 board that the baskets will hang from. The 1×4, once cut to size, was also attached to studs.

The precut slats I hung starting at the end opposite of the existing closet where the walls come together. Once installed the full length of the rack, I measure the area between, divided it in half and that is where I racked up another length of slats. I repeated this method on each side of the middle slats to place two more lined sets of slats.

I used wood filler to cover the screws, and the seams between the precut slats. I then painted the wood and the wall between with the same color of paint that was used on the trim. Luckily, there was plenty left in the can that was left in the basement when we moved it.

Next, I installed the coat hooks using a measuring method similar to the slat install method. I install both end hooks, then the middle and work my way out. It’s easier to me doing it that way.

The basket hooks were hung by simply dividing the top board into 3 and tacking a hook on each mark.

The 4 compartment unit that I am using for shoes is from the Better Homes and Garden collection at Walmart. I inserted black fabric bins for the kids to hold their shoes in. Each kid has two coat hooks; one for coat, 1 for book bag; and each kid has their own basket and shoe box (my teenage daughter has 2 shoe boxes).

I have since painted the wall, so here is what the result looks like currently:

  We love it. It certainly makes more sense than what we were given!

What builder “boo boo” was your home designed with?

Thanks for reading! 

Happy FRIDAY!!! Woohoo!!