Feeling the Heat…

My husband interviewed for a position he could not refuse in December so the home that I have blogged about up until then was put on the market and sold in March. In April, we relocated from Illinois to Georgia.

New home, new “adventures”…

We were warned the heat was terrible. The heat ain’t got nothin’ on all of the critters. Giant critters.

After finding a wolf spider with a 4″ leg spread in the garage, my husband declared that we needed to burn our (new) house down…

Burn, it did. The very next day.

My kids were unpacking our dining room while standing in a sea of packing paper. My daughter flipped on the light switch and a surge caused a chandelier bulb to explode, the filament causing the paper to catch on fire. The whole room went up; fast. I started grabbing the burning papers and running them out to our concrete front porch in an attempt to keep the house from burning down. As soon as the burning handful of papers hit the porch, the wind picked up and they blew into our landscaping. Here in Georgia, they use “pine straw” for mulch. Pine straw is dried out pine needles…you can see where I’m going here…

Inside on fire; outside on fire.

I fought the fires for 17 minutes with a garden hose strung through my house. I’m happy to report, I won. I received third degree burns on my left arm and first degree on my right, but my house was saved.

That was May 1st. Five days after signing on the dotted line.

Our new home suffered $50k in damages; mostly smoke related. Flame damage was confined to the dining/entry areas and landscaping. We are VERY lucky. We get a full house repaint out of the deal which means I need to get busy finalizing paint colors. Shouldn’t be too hard with the limited choices Sherwin Williams offers. *sarcasm*

So, the blog will now be covering my new home projects with a bit of a longer list than originally intended. 

Welcome to Georgia. 

Thanks for coming along!

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WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW for those that have messaged about injuries.

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

(Red area is 2nd degree burn, white is 3rd degree. Red dots in white area are vessels surrounded by clusters of nerve endings which are all growing back. I should make a full recovery.)

Weeks 5/6/7:

(May need skin graft.)

Week 8:

(Hoping to not need skin graft. Healed immensely in the matter of 4 days. Other arm is all healed. Skin will remain discolored.)

Week 9 – No skin graft for me!

Week 10

Week 11