Fall Home Tour – Entry

Fall is my favorite season so I decided to decorate our home for fall first (very minimally compared to recent years), rather than our every day living reveal. 

(Also, since we have only had our stuff back for a month and a half, I really don’t have the time to decorate for everyday and then tear it all apart to redecorate for the holiday seasons.)

So, Fall Home Tour first, Christmas Home Tour next, THEN I will do a home reveal once normal decor is all situated. 

First up, front entry. One room at a time. Why? The others aren’t done. 🤷🏼‍♀️

*** Sources, with approximate price guesstimates listed below. ***

^^Piss poor pano view


Corner decor in the left show in photo above: Galvanized vase ($20) and branches ($10) GORDMANS — Pumpkins ($1-$5) and Floral picks ($2): WALMART — Bless This Mess sign ($10) BIG LOTS — Silver Mirror: GOODWILL ($3 then I spray painted it silver – it was a nasty gold.)

Merchantile Sign ($33 CLEARANCE), Home Sweet Farmhouse pillow ($20): KIRKLANDS — Beaded Pillow ($20), Button Pillow ($15) MARSHALLS — Chenille Throw ($10 CLEARANCE): TARGET — Berry Wreath ($20): BIG LOTS — Black Farmhouse Bench: Antique Store Find ($100)

Ceramic pumpkins ($3): FAMILY DOLLAR — Resin Skull ($40 CLEARANCE) : HOBBY LOBBY — Hello Script Sign ($10) : DOLLAR GENERAL

Pine Tree: Yard Sale ($3) — Fall Metal Signs ($5 each), Fall Leaf Picks ($3 each) and Chalkboard Wire Basket ($6) : GORDMANS — Candy Corn Lights ($5) , Fake Pumpkins ($1-$5), Wooden Crate ($12) and Tin (Beverage) Bucket ($4 CLEARANCE): WALMART

Rug 5×7 ($50) WAYFAIR.com 

Wood Floral Wreaths ($20 each) and Rustic “Family” and “Friends” Ornaments ($5 each): GORDMANS

Antique Mirror: HABITAT FOR HUMANITY ($10) — Welcome To Our Home Tin Sign ($25) and Chrome Pillar Candle Holders ($6 each): BIG LOTS — Mercury Glass Tea Light Holders ($3 each CLEARANCE): HOME GOODS — Home Script Shelf Sitter ($8): DOLLAR GENERAL — Chrome Bird Shelf Sitter ($5 CLEARANCE) GORDMANS — Montreal Scentsy Wax Warmer ($35): SCENTSY — Shelf Sitter Pumpkins ($1 each) and Floral Stems ($1 each): DOLLAR TREE — Metal Water Can ($11 CLEARANCE): TARGET

Moose Coat Hooks ($7 each): MARSHALLS — Boxwood Wreath ($10): HOME GOODS

“Cleopatra” Curtain Panels ($75 each with coupon): BELLACOR.com – My splurge item. They were exactly what I was looking for so insurance bought me new curtains after the box that contained my old curtains for the entire house burned up. Normally, I would not spend more than $25 on a curtain panel! 

Pardon The Mess Placemat ($10): GORDMANS — Trunk: FLEA MARKET ($60) — Console Table (FREE): A roadside piece that was a dining table that I cut into two pieces, refinished and mounted to wall. 

Here’s the other half piece (in our hallway):

Back to the entry…

HOME wooden circles: DOLLAR GENERAL — “K” and “S” shelf sitters ($10 each) — Mr Right” and “Mrs Always Right” shelf sitters ($5 each): GORDMANS — Life Is Better Sign: DOLLAR GENERAL ($4)

Dollar General is really stepping up their decor game, y’all! Go check them out more frequently! 

One last look:

Thanks for visiting! 


[CHALK] it up to [PAINT]

I have never used furniture chalk paint before. The expense to purchase a can is beyond ridiculous and I’m not insane enough to purchase any (so sorry if you are).

I have a few gallons of interior “oops” paint that I picked up really cheap from various hardware stores in rad colors like turquoise and sea foam green. When I purchased them I didn’t have any ideas for them but they were super cool colors that I figured I’d someday find use for. I used the green shade in my kids bathroom and it looks great! 

Here, you have to see it…

Moving on…

Turquoise has been hanging out on the shelf for months. When I scored a $20 desk at Goodwill, the first thing I thought of was that turquoise gallon at home on the shelf. The desk was either going to look super cool when I was finished slapping turquoise all over it, or, it’d look like shit. But, what the hell, the paint was $9 and the desk was $20. If it all went south, I wasn’t out much.

I searched Pinterest for a recipe for diy chalk paint. This is the recipe I settled on (and also the recipe I will be using for future projects). It worked beautifully.

I started by lightly sanding the desk. I know most chalk paint doesn’t usually require you to sand your project first but I wanted to be sure all of the gunk was removed before applying paint. That, and I didn’t want to do this project a second time because the first job didn’t hold up.

I removed the dust with a dry cloth then went over the desk with a damp cloth and let it dry, then I started to apply the paint. I used a brush, the Wooster Shortcut that I use on all of my paint projects. It is truly the best on the market (non compensated opinion).

I brushed on a thin first coat and let it dry. It dries very quickly. I then went back through and spot painted, only covering the places I wanted to stay completely painted, and left the spots with wood showing through so I could sand the paint off and create a distressed effect.

After I had the application I wanted, I took very fine sand paper and went over the entire desk (by hand). Very lightly on the turquoise color just to remove some of the grit on the surface from the baking soda in the paint mixture and harder on the parts I want to distress.

I did not do a top coat. I reinstalled all of the hardware, and reassembled the desk and called her done. It was a bit difficult to sand the paint down to the wood so I am pretty sure this will be durable as is. 

I have heard of Vaseline being applied to your project before painting on the spots you want to distress, but I haven’t quite wrapped my head around that technique. I hate the feel of Vaseline and I don’t want it hanging out on my furniture. Does it clean off of the project completely? If so, how? If you have used Vaseline to distress, I would love to hear from you. I would also love to hear what method you use to distress projects easily without the use of (nasty) Vaseline.

I refinished an ugly dining chair I already had to match to use with this desk. I used a canvas tote to cover a chair cushion and attached it to hide the few little holes in the black fabric of the chairs seat (I didn’t want to go through a reupholstering project too). I like the dimension the black and the decorated cushion add to the overall look. 

*Tutorial to cover a cushion or pillow with a canvas tote here: Canvas Tote Covered Pillow

Without further ado, here is the finished project:

I love this so much, I am shopping my house for other items to paint turquoise! Remember the sofa table mentioned in the Halloween Home Tour??? 


Stay tuned, folks… 


{HaLLoWeeN hOMe ToUr}

Most every blog writer does a Christmas Home Tour…let’s shake things up with a Halloween Home Tour! Sure, Christmas is great but it is not everyone’s favorite holiday!

I love ALL things fall and that includes Halloween. Here is how our house is decked out for the upcoming shenanigans.


Every piece of this decor was found at Gordmans, my favorite store in the entire world and (luckily?) located just down the street from my house. (The little jar candle by the big “D” is from Cabelas.)

I bought this stuff after Halloween last year because I’m a cheap skate and rarely pay full price for anything.


This is our fall tree, for the indoors! I love the changing leaves outside so I brought them inside…on an evergreen tree! This is the same tree I decorated for Easter and Christmas!

See? Easter and Christmas! 

I love my $2 garage sale pine tree.

My sofa table helps divide my family room from the kitchen nook so she needed some decor too. She is an important focal point (which is why she is also on my list for a furniture makeover! This makeover, my friends, is coming VERY soon…like, next week so stay tuned for this amazing project).

The large lantern is from Hobby Lobby. I purchased this two years ago during a 50% off sale on lanterns because, as you know, I do not pay full price. If there isn’t a sale or coupon, I don’t need it. 

Pumpkin and candy corn bowl fillers: Gordmans

Pumpkin wax burner: Scentsy $25

Vintage camera: Antique shop find $5

Vintage mantle clock (doesn’t work): Goodwill $5

Homespun box: Craft shop find $12

Jar candle: Cabelas $12

{EnTRy / dINinG}

All of my wax warmers are from Scentsy. I used to be a consultant so I got them all at a discount.

Hayride sign: Gordmans (after season clearance) $10

Metal tiered pumpkins: Tanners Orchard

Pumpkin bowl fillers: Big Lots

Spider table cloth (over window): Big Lots

Light up pumpkins: thrift find

Signs: Gordmans

Witches: Gordmans 

Chalk banner: Walmart (birthday aisle)

Galvanized floor vase/floral stems: Gordmans


Great Halloween decor starts with the pumpkins. Everyone picks out their own from the pumpkin patch. We dredge through the muddy fields for hours. I kid you not, hours. Some look for the most beautiful pumpkins. My husband and I seek ou the most ugly/unique/characteristic gourds we can find. We look over every remaining pumpkin in the patch. Yep, we make a day of it, and it’s our favorite day of the year.

My decor pieces are all from two places, beyond the patch. Walmart and Big Lots. The majority, Big Lots. Again, after season finds on clearance. 

See? Ugly pumpkins are amazing! We bought five with warts to carve our family in ugly pumpkins! So excited for the upcoming carving day!

The big spiders are a neighborhood favorite. Our front yard was a photo studio last year on Halloween! Trick-or-treaters were photographed numerous times in front of the furry creature so many times by parent request that this year, we installed two!

–   –   –   –   –   –   –  –

{PumPkIn PaTcH} adventures

Just for the fun of it, below are a few pictures of our pumpkin patch adventures this year!

{HaPPy hAllOwEEn} readers!!!!