{HaLLoWeeN hOMe ToUr}

Most every blog writer does a Christmas Home Tour…let’s shake things up with a Halloween Home Tour! Sure, Christmas is great but it is not everyone’s favorite holiday!

I love ALL things fall and that includes Halloween. Here is how our house is decked out for the upcoming shenanigans.


Every piece of this decor was found at Gordmans, my favorite store in the entire world and (luckily?) located just down the street from my house. (The little jar candle by the big “D” is from Cabelas.)

I bought this stuff after Halloween last year because I’m a cheap skate and rarely pay full price for anything.


This is our fall tree, for the indoors! I love the changing leaves outside so I brought them inside…on an evergreen tree! This is the same tree I decorated for Easter and Christmas!

See? Easter and Christmas! 

I love my $2 garage sale pine tree.

My sofa table helps divide my family room from the kitchen nook so she needed some decor too. She is an important focal point (which is why she is also on my list for a furniture makeover! This makeover, my friends, is coming VERY soon…like, next week so stay tuned for this amazing project).

The large lantern is from Hobby Lobby. I purchased this two years ago during a 50% off sale on lanterns because, as you know, I do not pay full price. If there isn’t a sale or coupon, I don’t need it. 

Pumpkin and candy corn bowl fillers: Gordmans

Pumpkin wax burner: Scentsy $25

Vintage camera: Antique shop find $5

Vintage mantle clock (doesn’t work): Goodwill $5

Homespun box: Craft shop find $12

Jar candle: Cabelas $12

{EnTRy / dINinG}

All of my wax warmers are from Scentsy. I used to be a consultant so I got them all at a discount.

Hayride sign: Gordmans (after season clearance) $10

Metal tiered pumpkins: Tanners Orchard

Pumpkin bowl fillers: Big Lots

Spider table cloth (over window): Big Lots

Light up pumpkins: thrift find

Signs: Gordmans

Witches: Gordmans 

Chalk banner: Walmart (birthday aisle)

Galvanized floor vase/floral stems: Gordmans


Great Halloween decor starts with the pumpkins. Everyone picks out their own from the pumpkin patch. We dredge through the muddy fields for hours. I kid you not, hours. Some look for the most beautiful pumpkins. My husband and I seek ou the most ugly/unique/characteristic gourds we can find. We look over every remaining pumpkin in the patch. Yep, we make a day of it, and it’s our favorite day of the year.

My decor pieces are all from two places, beyond the patch. Walmart and Big Lots. The majority, Big Lots. Again, after season finds on clearance. 

See? Ugly pumpkins are amazing! We bought five with warts to carve our family in ugly pumpkins! So excited for the upcoming carving day!

The big spiders are a neighborhood favorite. Our front yard was a photo studio last year on Halloween! Trick-or-treaters were photographed numerous times in front of the furry creature so many times by parent request that this year, we installed two!

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{PumPkIn PaTcH} adventures

Just for the fun of it, below are a few pictures of our pumpkin patch adventures this year!

{HaPPy hAllOwEEn} readers!!!!