The last week has been…


…but productive.

This sander ran in our home for three days straight in order to sand the wood down three layers before staining. But alas, the noise was worth it in the end.

We only replaced one board that suffered from the fire damage (only because they ripped it off the floor to find replacement boards). Instead of replacing the burned boards, I decided to keep them after seeing them sanded; they added character and they are part of the story of our home.

New stain color: Dark Walnut (Minwax)

Poly: Bona Floor Finisher (3 coats applied; buffed after coats 1 and 2)

Flooring: Heart pine (barn wood)

Here is the before:

Here are the durings:

Here are the afters:


Burn marks:

All done!

All of our belongings are being return tomorrow and Friday (or Fri-yay)! šŸ˜„


Work performed by:

D&B Hardwoods

Owner: Dean Buie

3196 Ga Highway 99, Brunswick GA

(912) 265-9564


All of the colors for our house have been chosen. I am going to share them with you here, along with example pics from Pinterest. (None of the photos are of my house – I’ll reveal those later.)

All paint is Sherwin Williams (SW).

















SILVER PEONY (@half tint) SW6547

The painters have been hard at work in our home for 4 weeks. It’s moving right along nicely. It’s a big job.

Shout out to Barry Morgan Painting in Waycross, Georgia. They do fantastic work.

{Operation Rustic *Glam*}

When asked about my decor taste, I’m definitely a fan of rustic but I also love sparkle and metallics. 

My design pallet for our new home is Rustic Glam. Rustic Glam is achieved by incorporating natural elements with glamourous elements. Think concrete, wood, brick, iron, crystals, mercury glass, metallics and glitter all invited to the same party. Vintage meets modern. Boom. Rustic Glam.

Below are some examples of this decor/design style that I am using as inspiration for our new home makeover. These photos will help you envision what I am going for.

All images are from Pinterest searches.


I love everything about the picture above, especially the polished faucets and glass chandelier that scream glam and reclaimed beams that ground the rustic element.

The picture below has farmhouse cabinetry and beams for the rustic feel, while the fancy linen chairs with nailhead trim bring in some fancy.

The kitchens above and below are absolutely beautiful, but a little too over the top for my taste. It’s is still on the rustic glam scale, but also borderlines gaudy with the bulky, ornate trims on the cabinetry. I am not a fan of that at all. Too much “French” styling for me. The French style is overboard and bulky. However, I do love the mixes of Farmhouse colors and shapes along with the combination of wood and iron along side glass and silver these designs offer. Rustic yet classy.

This last picture is near perfection. You’ve got wood, brick, iron, marble, glass. A few pops of some silver and metallic accents. Upgrade those cheap looking bar stools and perfection is achieved. 


(The first two pics are the same room from different angles.)

Love it all. 

Still in love…

Wouldn’t change a thing. 

What a cute little space shown down below. But for heavens sake, get rid of that style cramping mini blind. Yikes. One word: drapes.

There’s promise below. Nice drapes. Cute settee. The chandelier needs to bulk up a bit while the thighs on those table legs need to go a few weeks carb free. All wood chairs would help too with a linen covered chair seat.

Dark beams and metal bar stools would make this home scheme shown below brilliant.

This last pic is a little too “French” for me also. Not as bulky as the kitchen photo examples above but signs in French sayings are not appealing to me, nor is a beadboard ceiling (looks cheap) or the provincial styled dining chairs. I would use a black windsor styled chair instead. The chandeliers, beams, chalkboard and the table can all stay. The rest is evicted. 


Chandeliers, sequins and beams; oh my. Heavenly.

This next one is a master bedroom, but it resembles my current family room fireplace so it’s a living room inspiration pic in my case.

This last room is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but screams hospital waiting room deep in the woods. Needs some color depth, badly. Get some kind of contrast in there. It makes me itch a bit.


I love the top picture but I’d switch out the linens. I see something more like this:

The pic above is of a master bedroom painted in Sherwin Williams Eider White. It happens to be the paint color I have picked out for some of my rooms during our fire restoration process.

This next picture is a bit too “shabby chic” for me. I like shabby chic, there’s just too much of it in this one little space.

Not feeling that light fixture below. Chandelamp? Nah. Pass.

The stuff dreams are made of:

Ooooh, marble.

Ruffles! Love ruffles.


Just a few photos of random rooms, accessories, decor and furniture pieces that fit the decor style profile.

Mason jars AND crystals. Brilliant. ^

Must haves; mercury glass and silver. Thank goodness these come in spray paint form. I have the perfectly shaped pieces that just need a little Rustoleum makeover.

I love the mixed media of the light fixture above and that silver candelabra below I want for my house!

Cute entry.

That buffet table below is perfect. I kinda dig those antler candlestick holders too. Maybe bottom tips dipped in gold? Or metallic candlesticks instead? Options.

Oooh la la. 

Tufted and nailhead sofa. I’m in love.

More tufting and nailheads…

Fur has joined the party!

Sequins! Speaking my language.

Polished silver. Classy.

I think you get the idea.

Now, I’m going to attempt to achieve it.

{REConstruction Chaos}

I have waited for this for weeks. 

Since Monday, workers have been in and out and fire repairs have begun. 

Monday and Tuesday the construction guy replaced all burned drywall, trims and moldings in the house and the paint crew has been working in our home since Tuesday morning. 

(There’s new drywall under the planks – I got plank happy and forgot to take a photo before I covered it up.)

Electrical in this room is going to be done on Monday.

Painting our entire home is going to be a 2.5 week (exciting) process. All ceilings, trims and walls will be repainted like a brand new home to rid the place of smoke damage. Better yet, I don’t have to do it. All I have to do is pick the colors. Although, that hasn’t really been easy…

Yes, there are paint samples EVERYWHERE.



Yesterday, I finalized my picks; making the hours spent painting all of those little patches in multiple areas of the house worth it. (I only bought 17 sample colors to pick from. Only half of the sample saturated areas are pictured. I had them in most every room.) 
My husband said that by the time I get done painting samples everywhere, all the painting would be done. Almost true. I tell ya what though, Sea Salt on the living room walls sure looked a lot different when applied in my bedroom. $4 samples are much cheaper than a whole room repaint. Buy the samples. Put them on multiple walls. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it.

On the side, I have been busy hanging shiplap and building beams for our dining room. 

Wall painting should begin Tuesday; the crew plans to work on 4th of July to get us finished faster, so that’s happy news to my ears. 

I’m excited this is all in full swing, but I’ll sure be glad when it’s over.

|Getting Stoned|

…the fireplace, that is.

The first major project in the new house was underway all week. We had our fireplace refaced with faux stone. I am afraid of heights, so this project was WAAAYYY over my head. Literally.

We chose a stone veneer from Suncrest Stone called Country Ledge Oconee Blend. 

These are installed as single pieces, they are not panels. You can view pics of their products here: http://www.suncreststone.com/photos.html 

(NOTE: I do not receive any compensation from Suncrest nor did I get my stone discounted nor free. I’m not famous enough, though I wish I was.)

Without further ado, here’s the end result.



Ahhh…much better.

Feeling the Heat…

My husband interviewed for a position he could not refuse in December so the home that I have blogged about up until then was put on the market and sold in March. In April, we relocated from Illinois to Georgia.

New home, new “adventures”…

We were warned the heat was terrible. The heat ain’t got nothin’ on all of the critters. Giant critters.

After finding a wolf spider with a 4″ leg spread in the garage, my husband declared that we needed to burn our (new) house down…

Burn, it did. The very next day.

My kids were unpacking our dining room while standing in a sea of packing paper. My daughter flipped on the light switch and a surge caused a chandelier bulb to explode, the filament causing the paper to catch on fire. The whole room went up; fast. I started grabbing the burning papers and running them out to our concrete front porch in an attempt to keep the house from burning down. As soon as the burning handful of papers hit the porch, the wind picked up and they blew into our landscaping. Here in Georgia, they use “pine straw” for mulch. Pine straw is dried out pine needles…you can see where I’m going here…

Inside on fire; outside on fire.

I fought the fires for 17 minutes with a garden hose strung through my house. I’m happy to report, I won. I received third degree burns on my left arm and first degree on my right, but my house was saved.

That was May 1st. Five days after signing on the dotted line.

Our new home suffered $50k in damages; mostly smoke related. Flame damage was confined to the dining/entry areas and landscaping. We are VERY lucky. We get a full house repaint out of the deal which means I need to get busy finalizing paint colors. Shouldn’t be too hard with the limited choices Sherwin Williams offers. *sarcasm*

So, the blog will now be covering my new home projects with a bit of a longer list than originally intended. 

Welcome to Georgia. 

Thanks for coming along!

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW for those that have messaged about injuries.

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

(Red area is 2nd degree burn, white is 3rd degree. Red dots in white area are vessels surrounded by clusters of nerve endings which are all growing back. I should make a full recovery.)

Weeks 5/6/7:

(May need skin graft.)

Week 8:

(Hoping to not need skin graft. Healed immensely in the matter of 4 days. Other arm is all healed. Skin will remain discolored.)

Week 9 – No skin graft for me!

Week 10

Week 11