Glad you stopped by! My name is Kelly Ditsch. First and foremost, I am a wife and a mother of three. I love doing my own DIY projects, which originally started due to lack of money. After about 10 years now, I continue not out of lack of funds (though saving money is fantastic!) but mostly the enjoyment of hard work and a job well done. (Plus, I know the quality of work I am getting by doing the work myself.)

I love to shop at thrift and antique stores. A good deal is wonderful (who doesn’t like to save money?) but the great treasures you can uncover is the best find yet. The things that people get rid of amaze me. I wish everyone can see the potential in items and homes the way that I can. I hope you enjoy reading along on my adventure of projects and fabulous finds. My goal is to inspire you to try new things and give DIY a try. Remember, anything can be fixed, so give it a shot!