/Oh Deer…/

My father in law gave us a bunch of antler mounts a few years ago. My husband didn’t really want as many as we took but I told him I wanted them for something crafty but I wasn’t quite sure what. Yet.

Today, I decided to give a set a facelift because I was eager to finally get one on the wall, but as it was, it wouldn’t do. They have a very “80’s” look to the way they were mounted. The base mount boards are various weird shapes; one is an acorn, another is a heart, and so on. Not very masculine nor rustic in my book. I’ll have to figure out a way to revamp those, but that’s another post. The mount base for the rack I am redoing for this post, is tolerable in shape.

Materials I used:

Burlap roll – upholstery tacks – fabric flowers – rhinestone embellishment buttons – berry sprays – One coat lacquer spray – 2 plastic bags – tape

(All decor materials are from Hobby Lobby, except the upholstery tacks; they are from Home Depot.)

Tools I used:

Hot glue gun – Tack hammer – Wire snips – Staple Gun – Scissors

Total Cost: About $20

Total project time: 25 minutes 

First I gave the guy a good wipe down to remove dust.

Next, I cut a piece of burlap about 2 inches longer than the mount felt, and cut slits in the burlap to accommodate each of the antlers.

I started at the bottom, folding the raw burlap edge under and securing it by hammering in an upholstery tack (I put a magazine under the rack to protect my dining table and to absorb some of the hammering noise). After tapping in a few tacks across the bottom, I moved to the top and secured a few there to pull the material taunt.

 I then moved on to the sides to get the antlers wrapped neatly and securely, also turning the raw edge under around each antler then pulled taunt to secure. 

NOTE: I had to turn the hammer sideways to tap in a few of the tacks in tight spaces.

After completing both sides I returned to finish the top and bottom.

Now, the easy part! Making it pretty.

I stapled the berry sprays onto the bottom to hold them in place (staples are easy to remove if I didn’t like them). I tapped the staples in the rest of the way with a hammer to keep the sprays from wiggling. Then I used wire cutters to clip off the excess stems.

Next, I layed out a flower design and when I was happy with placement, I hot glued them into place (again, very easy to remove if I ever need/want to). I glued a rhinestone button to the center of the large flower and called it good!

I covered the entire base and decor with a couple plastic shopping bags and used some tape to keep them securely in place so I could spray lacquer the antlers.

I took the antlers to the front yard and gave them a good spray. Just one coat was sufficient. 

After lacquer dried, the project is complete!

Time to hang!

Done. What do you think? 


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