*Trash to Treasure*

This fantastic piece of furniture was being thrown out. I saved it. (My husband thinks I should have left it where I found it. The man has no vision.) ๐Ÿ˜  

Sure, there is a crack on the left leg but it is strictly cosmetic. Such an easy fix! A small amount of wood filler and a bit of flat black paint and it’s like brand new! It took less than 5 minutes of work that anyone can do. Seriously, fix your investment, don’t pitch it! But, their loss is my gain, I suppose.

I have always wanted a grandfather clock. I really didn’t have any use for this end table so I set out to transform it. Rustic grandfather clock is what I was thinking. So, I has some 1×12 boards on hand so I cut two side pieces and some shelves to add to the top of this end table/night stand deal. The boards were not blemish free, nor were they straight so that made them “perfect” for this project. Rustic is all about the beauty of imperfection and overuse.

I made the shelving unit stand 4 feet and cut the shelves an inch and a half shorter than the width of the cabinet (with the exception of the top shelf. I made that cut 2″ longer than the shelves to allow for overhang). I tacked the shelves together with wood glue and nails. Then, painted it black.  I attached this built unit on top of the stand with wood glue and a few screws. I had some black cardboard backing left over from an old shelving unit, so I cut it down to size and tacked it to the back of the new unit with small tack nails. I then covered the front side of the backing with decorative wrapping paper that I just cut to size and taped with double sided tape to the cardboard to make the unit more appealing, add some extra dimension and to highlight the items on the shelves. Because of the ease of removal of wrapping paper and double sided tape, I can change the background out at any time.

Here’s the finished piece:   

 I am really happy with how this turned out (and, it made my “honey hush”). The piece looks like I bought it this way. Though it is not a grandfather clock like I originally intended, it one day could/will be when I find a clock that fits the bill for my vision. When I find the perfect addition, I will build a box for it and install it on the top. So really, this is still a work in progress. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I would love to see any furniture repurposes you have done, or would like to do!

Thanks for reading! 

Have a great day!



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